Saturday, 18 February 2017

Private detective spying on 'lover' under secretary lands in jail

Caught a private detective in Delhi

A private Surveillance man arrested and sent  into Jail, Delhi, India

High novel began at the Arts faculty of Delhi university on Monday evening during 6.45 p.m. when the detective, Roshan Kumar Jha was hooked red handed by some college students when he was clicking pictures of Sanjay Kumar along mutually a girl.
A detective, who was operating by a senior official posted by all of the administration of health and Family welfare for stalk her man of the family, landed in the police net on Monday evening afterwards some Delhi university students complained at variance with him.

The detective, Roshan Kumar Jha, was engaged by the official to spy on her husband, Sanjay Kumar, who is an undersecretary in the ministry of home Affairs. The official suspected Sanjay of having an extramarital relationship and tasked the detective to make evidence.

High fable began at the Arts faculty of Delhi university on Monday evening overall 6.45 p.m. when the detective, Roshan was hooked redhanded by some college students when he was clicking pictures of Kumar along by all of a girl. Sanjay is a instant year first-year undergraduate of by the number faculty of DU, interval the girl is besides a law student of Chaudhary Charan Singh University.

"Some students obligated a call in to action to the police control room and informed about the matter. afterwards receiving the PCR call in to action, police personnel of Maurice Nagar police station of North district willingly reached the regard and the accused was taken to the police custody," a senior police head said on the requisite of anonymity. On the basis of the victim's demur, a action was after registered under Sections 354-D (stalking) and 509 (gesture or approach intended to offend the respectability of a woman) of the Indian Penal code at the Maurice Nagar police station. In her demur to the long arm of the law, the victim who is residing in Shakti Nagar line told the police that she had realized that Roshan shadowing her for the continue 10 days. She besides learnt from her neighbors that he had paid three visits to her backyard area and had inquired closely her whereabouts.

"Initially the 35-year-old accused Roshan initiated to bluff the investigators afterwards cooking up false fact, but afterwards the sustained cross examination, he broke executed and narrated the terrifying details.

He told the investigators that he was working by all of one Rohini basedprivate detective agency and was engaged by the wife of Kumar in the last month. Kumar's wife had express him on the service and he was stalking the victim for the last 10 days and he had clicked so large amount pictures of the victim along by all of Kumar," the officer added.

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